Join us behind the scenes as we seek out the experiences that make Sonoma County special.


Take to the Skies in Sonoma County

by WC STAFF on AUGUST 31, 2016

One of the most exciting ways to enjoy Sonoma County is from a bird’s eye view of the sweeping mountains and sprawling vineyards. Mix in a little bit of adrenaline with a dash of romance, and you have the recipe for a fantastic getaway. Here’s a list of sky-high adventures that are guaranteed get your wine country experience off the ground.

Outdoor Activities

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Your 2016 Guide to Sonoma County Harvest Parties

by WC STAFF on AUGUST 10, 2016

Harvest time in Sonoma County, known to the locals as “5th Season,” is perhaps the most celebrated time of year in wine country. Wineries bring out new wines, throw parties, and host delightful farm-to-table feasts prepared by celebrated chefs in idyllic, autumnal locations.

Wine Tasting

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The 8 Most Unique Winery Tours in Healdsburg

by WC STAFF on JULY 20, 2016

With so many fantastic regions to choose from in Northern California’s famous Wine Country, it can be difficult to navigate the landscape. While Napa may be the most prominent name among wine enthusiasts for wineries and tasting rooms, Sonoma County is equally rich with world-class opportunities to try great wine.

Healdsburg Wine Tasting

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Traveler’s Guide to Healdsburg Plaza

by WC STAFF on JUNE 22, 2016

Boasting world class wineries, five-star restaurants, and charming boutique shops, it’s no wonder Healdsburg is considered one of the best small towns in the country to visit. A big part of Healdsburg’s allure is the 19th century plaza set in the heart of downtown,


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5 Exciting Sonoma County Winemakers

by WC STAFF on JUNE 16, 2016

In a county chockful of wineries and winemakers, it takes a certain something to stand out from the crowd. The next generation of Sonoma County winemakers are setting themselves apart by following their own winemaking philosophies, and making stylistic choices that are innovative and interesting, resulting in some truly great wines.

Wine Education

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The Story of Sonoma: History You Can Sip

by WC STAFF on MAY 26, 2016

From its ancient beginnings, Sonoma County has been an important part of global wine history. It has been claimed by several nations, including Russia, Spain, and Mexico, and the county was also (briefly) the capital of a short lived independent California state.

Wine Education

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