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  • on FEBRUARY 16, 2017
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In our new series “Who We’re Drinking With” we’ll introduce you to some of our favorite people in Wine Country. From winemakers and sommeliers to hoteliers and artists, we’re interested in those who are doing things a bit differently.

Tired of reading the same ol’ questionnaires (there’s only one James Lipton of Inside The Actor’s Studio after all), we’re throwing curve balls in hopes of finding out some new things about these movers and shakers.

This week we poured one out with Jennifer Higgins Winemaker for Lambert Bridge in Healdsburg. A winery resplendent with beautiful grounds, wine tasting space and holy moly their wine is delicious! Jennifer leads an all female wine making team, and their attention to their grapes and quality control really shows.

Born and raised in Sonoma County, Jennifer Higgins immersed herself in winemaking while working with the legendary Zelma Long of Simi Winery. After earning a degree from UC Davis in Biochemistry, Jennifer worked in Italy for two years before returning home to take a tasting room job as she studied for her medical school entrance exam. Before long, Jennifer abandoned her aspirations for medicine and dove into the cellar. Since joining Lambert Bridge in 2010 Jennifer’s fervor is infectious and her commitment to excellence unwavering; her life’s passion is demonstrated in every bottle of Lambert Bridge.

So lets open a bottle of Lambert Bridge’s KILLER Cab Franc(only available to members, but so worth it) and get to know a little more about this super talented wine maker making some of Sonoma County’s best!

First thing you thought of when you woke up yesterday?
Has my son finished his homework?
Weirdest thing that happened while opening your restaurant/bar/winery?
Favorite wine(or beer) related word?
The best hangover hack you’ve come up with?
Staying in bed. You have to eat a bowl of crickets for $40k,
what wine would be the best pairing to help it go down? Something with sugar, maybe a Riesling to help with the bitter bugs??
What is the best thought about Sonoma County you’ve ever heard of?
(Quote, saying, conversation) Sonoma County Bounty- we have everything happening here.
Favorite thing on your menu right now? Wine?
Gilfillan Cabernet
What’s your favorite ’80s jam? (Why)
Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant- Can’t help but love it!
If Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs were to show up what would you have him do?
Scrub glycol lines or paint tank stands.
What’s the most difficult recipe you’ve ever attempted?
Meringue Cradle Cake without a mixer.
Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans or obligations?
Russian River Brewing for a Pliny. Using 3 wine terms, describe your best life Age-worthy, Full bodied, Complex
Food trend you love? Food trend you hate?
Love Farm to Table, Hate foam.

What is drink for:

A broken heart?
Cab Franc
A job promotion?
Well aged Cabernet
A hang over?
Sauvignon Blanc or Rose’
A first date?

Sonoma County In 15(ish) Words:

Champagne Flute or Pint Glass?
Pinot Noir or Gris?
Winery or Tasting Room?
Winery for sure. Production rocks!
Fog on the Mountains or Sun on the Vines?
Fog on the mountains at sunrise!
Russian River AVA or Alexander Valley?
Alexander Valley- Cabs all the way!
French Oak or Steel Tanks?
Love me Bordeaux- barrels!!
Guerneville or Bodega Bay?
Bodega Bay- better sunsets
Bike tour or limo tour?
Bike tour- go at your own pace.
Bear Republic or Russian River Brewing Co?
RRB- my favorite peeps!
Hot air balloon or Hot Springs?
Hot springs- more relaxing.
Brunch cocktail or happy hour cocktail?
Happy hour cocktail – a Manhattan please.
Cabernet in front of a fire place or rosé pool side?
Fremont Diner or Dierks Parkside Cafe?
Dierks! Also my favorite peeps!
Dry Creek Rd or Sonoma Hwy?
Dry Creek Road- a road less travelled.


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