5 Adult Beverage Stops: That Aren’t Focused On Wine

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  • on OCTOBER 16, 2014
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While wine is the main attraction for adult beverage drinkers here in Sonoma the team here at WineCountry realizes that you may be looking for something other than a Pinot or a Zin. Here are five non-wine beverage establishments that we want you to check out.

Cocktails With The Most Buzz: Spoonbar

Spoonbar has received tremendous amounts of press over the past few years surrounding it’s innovative cocktail list. Tried and true Spoonbar is worthy of all its praise.

The drinks look like art and are often served in dainty glasses topped with edible flowers and local herbs. The cocktails themselves tend to be light, refreshing and are always made with a quirky twist. It’s not always front and center on the menu, but the team at Spoonbar has been known to whip up a killer Ramos Gin Fizz!

Organic Farm Inspired Cocktails: Alexander Valley Bar @ Medlock Ames

Medlock Ames is known for it’s tasting room located in breathtaking Alexander Valley, but did you know that when they close the doors of their tasting room they open the doors of their bar?

Known as The Alexander Valley Bar – the bar at Medlock Ames encompasses rustic chic mixed with organic farming. Cocktail garnishes are often pulled directly from their organic farm and Sunday music events are hosted throughout the summer. Be sure to bring cash for your turn in the photo booth!

Craft Beer: The Tap Room at Whole Foods

Stop by the Tap Room at the Whole Foods in Coddingtown. It may seem strange going to a grocery story with intent to drink a beer but if you want to understand what it’s like to live in Sonoma County the Tap Room will give you a true insiders look into Sonoma County living.

Sit back with a pint as locals fill their shopping carts with organic good-for-your-body food. Chose from upwards of 20 different beers and hard ciders. All poured by staff members that you can easily geek out with if you like to talk beer.

The Perfect Guinness:The Toad in the Hole

Let the Toad in the Hole’s friendly bar manager Buzz pour you a beer from behind the bar at local-favorite pub. With an impressive beer list, and English pub inspired fare, this stop will definitely clear your wine palate.

We recommend ordering a Guinness, or an Old Speckled Hen, for that pushed through nitro creaminess. Pair that with one of their signature pasties and sit back to enjoy a good match of futbol on the TV.

Craft Beer and Mexican Food: Olde Sonoma Pub House

With 32 craft, micro and world brewed beers on tap Olde Sonoma Pub House is a great stop to make when visiting the wine inspired town of Sonoma. Just as life is not constant, the beer list at Olde Sonoma is always changing – so pop in to be surprised.

If you want to experience Olde Sonoma Pub House the way the locals do, be sure to order food from the Mexican restaurant next door. They’ll bring it to you at the pub!


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