Best Wines To Drink While Doing Holiday Chores

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  • on NOVEMBER 21, 2016
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We all know the holidays bring both joy and a healthy dose of … chaos. With the next month becoming somewhat of a nightmare for those unprepared, let’s review some very simple ways you can incorporate everyone’s favorite remedy for stressful winter celebrations.

You’ve heard of wine and food pairings. But let’s be honest, there should be more wine and chore pairings out there. We’ll pour you a big glass of Pinot No-el this holiday season! Here are our wine pairing suggestions to help you streamline everything on your to-do list:

replace-chateau-st-jean Wrapping Gifts: Don’t wait until the night before, get a station ready for some folding, cutting and that extra little something to make your presents presentable. We recommend doing this chore with a bottle of Chardonnay from Chateau St. Jean. A crisp glass of wine, keeps it light and dry while not breaking the bank. It works perfectly for that Sunday afternoon without letting the day get away from you. This wine is lighter on the alcohol so it’ll keep your scissors cutting in a straight line.

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Siduri Sending Holiday Cards: Having trouble finding the right sentiments to send out this year? A little liquid inspiration should help you on your way. Get into the writing groove with a rich and multi note Pinot Noir. Sip on the rich and smooth Pinot Noir from Siduri Winery, which everyone will enjoy. This flavorful red is nice to drink on its own and won’t stick to the palate too long. The mellow blend will keep you on track and loose even when you’re licking a hundred envelopes closed.

Insider Tip: Getting a little stir crazy in the house while the kids are on winter break? Get out of the house and curl up in front of the fire in Sonoma County, many of these places are kid friendly!

replace-arrowood Setting up your tree: This calls for the big guns. You’ll need a good strong red to get you from car to tree stand. Depending on what you enjoyed at the Christmas Tree lot (hot buttered rum? mulled wine? gin and tonic? If so, where do you do your shopping?) then you might’ve gotten a 9 footer. Or perhaps you have to get up into the attic to pull down the old standby. Uncork a bottle of Arrowood’s Cab. With a fruit-forward taste and rich mouthfeel, the flavor profile of this red that’ll fortify the heavy lifting and stay with you while you’re moving that Douglas Fir around the room for the perfect spot.

Insider’s Tip: Need a little break from the holiday chores? Start planning your next(or first) Sonoma County getaway!

“` walt wines Preparing for Christmas Dinner: There’s a lot to do, so getting started for the family feast early is paramount. Pair your knife skills, slicing, dicing and stuffing with a daytime chardonnay from WALT. This will be a perfect pairing for a warm kitchen and to share with your sous chef. Without a heavy lunch, let the citrus and vanilla notes soar with a small cheese plate to nosh on to get you to the main event.

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j-vineyards-1 Cleaning Up Christmas Dinner: Celebrate for a job well done with a sparkling cocktail! Pairing a bright J Vineyardsis the way to go when washing dishes and storing leftovers. The night is just beginning with notes of vanilla cream, raspberry and lime sorbet — these are the perfect bubbles to pair with your soapy bubbles.

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replace-scribe Hanging Out With the In-Laws: Never fall into a conversational lull with a glass of wine from Scribe winery. Each bottle has a story of the land and season it was harvested, which makes excellent pairing for enjoying your distant family with tales of Northern California winemaking.

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Bio: Tiffany Bukowski is a Northern California native and specializes in brand marketing in San Francisco. She enjoys red blends, fancy cheese boards, and talking with her hands.


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