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Dry Creek Valley: 2 Day Tasting Itinerary

by WC STAFF on AUGUST 22, 2016

Well into the north end of the Sonoma Wine Country, surrounding the charming city of Healdsburg, the fabled wine-producing region known as the Dry Creek Valley consistently produces fabulous wine year after year. Far from the bustling tasting rooms of Napa, this special part of Sonoma County offers a much more intimate tasting experience while allowing wine aficionados the opportunity to immerse themselves in the winemaking process and become friendly with the families that inhabit the valley.

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Drink Your Way Through Sonoma History

by WC STAFF on JUNE 26, 2016

While some people prefer to learn history from books, Sonomans like to drink it. Join them at these beautiful wineries that changed the history of wine for both California, and the world.

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A Sparkling Wine Tour of Northern Sonoma County

by WC STAFF on JUNE 23, 2016

Bubbles are the perfect way to start a day, wind down an evening, or celebrate life. Northern Sonoma County has enough options, that spending an entire weekend sipping the effervescent stuff is easy and effortlessly enjoyable.

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Traveler’s Guide to Healdsburg Plaza

by WC STAFF on JUNE 22, 2016

Boasting world class wineries, five-star restaurants, and charming boutique shops, it’s no wonder Healdsburg is considered one of the best small towns in the country to visit. A big part of Healdsburg’s allure is the 19th century plaza set in the heart of downtown,


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Your Sonoma County Culture Guide

by WC STAFF on JUNE 9, 2016

Sonoma County is rife with opportunities for partaking in a rich arts and culture scene. We highly recommend making time to visit some of the region’s top galleries, festivals, and performance venues.

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Where to Go for Free Wine Tasting in Sonoma County

by WC STAFF on JUNE 8, 2016

With plenty of wineries offering complimentary tastings, this list should give a great start to your Wine Country exploration. Whether you are a seasoned wine enthusiast, or just out to see what the buzz is all about, Sonoma County has several options for tasters looking try delicious wines — without breaking the bank.

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Sonoma County Craft Beer Lovers Tour

by WC STAFF on JUNE 1, 2016

If you are looking for an alternative to the classic Wine Country experience, Sonoma County has you covered. With a bevy of craft breweries located within very short distances from one another, beer enthusiasts can experience a fantastic weekend of tasting.

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